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SyncOne-A Time and Frequency Synchronization Analytic System

Product Highlights

• Mainframe and module design, flexible modules combinations, easy for extension

• Comply with all test specifications and profiles of time and frequency synchronization of different industries

• High precision and stability, professional instrument of metrological-level synchronous testing

• Time interval measurement solution better than 10ps

• PTP measurement accuracy better than 1ns, with Max. test rate 100GE

  • Main Functions

    • Comply with latest profile of ITU-T G.8273.2, G.8262, G.8262.1

    Built-in GNSS receiver and high-quality rubidium oscillator

    Independent Rx/Tx ports design, convenient for setup of multiple test environment

    Time ports: 1PPS/1PPM/1PPH, 1PPS+TOD, PTP(max.100Gps), NTP(SNTP), Time Serial Message, Power IRIG-B(DC/AC), DCF77

    Clock (Frequency) ports: 1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 2.048MHz, 2.048Mb/s, SyncE(max.100Gps), 1KHz~156.25MHz

    Support any combination of time and frequency simultaneous testing and real-time analysis

    Comply with special testing of CCSA and CMCC

  • Technical Specifications



    GNSS Receiver


    Time Source

    Built-in Rubidium Oscillator;External Reference

    Time Ports

    1PPS/1PPM/1PPH,1PPS+TOD,PTP, NTP(SNTP), Time Serial Message, IRIG-B(AC), IRIG-B(DC), DCF77

    Clock Ports

    1MHz, 5MHz, 10MHz, 2.048MHz, 2.048Mb/s, SyncE, 1Hz~156.25MHz

    External Clock Reference Input Ports

    G.7032.048MHz/10MHz/2.048Mb/s, SyncE,1PPS/1PPS+TOD

    Supported Standards

    ITU-T G.811, G812, G.813, G.823, G.8261, G.8262, G.8265,G.8266,G.8265.1, G.8271, G.8271.1, G.8272,G.8272.1,G.8273, G.8273.2, G.8275.1, G.8275.2, C37.238, IEEE1588,O.171,O.172,DL/T 1100.1, 802.1AS

    External Power Supply

    AC90~264V Input



    Operating Temperature


    Storage Temperature



    5%~95% Non-condensing

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