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Time/Frequency Measurement on IP Carrier Network Devices


Constructed with IP technology by operators, IP Carrier Network is a special network which is used to carry services with high transmission quality (such as soft switch, video, VPN for key customers, etc.). Different from the synchronization technology in traditional SDH and MSTP networks, in IP Carrier Network, the frequency synchronization adopts synchronous Ethernet (SyncE) technology, and time synchronization adopts IEEE1588 (PTP) technology. As the entire synchronization hierarchy has been mature and perfect, the synchronization measurements in IP Carrier Network include time measurement and frequency measurement. In addition, the performance verification job of IP Carrier Network can be achieved through the coordination of NMS and instrument. 

Our instrument can provide time/frequency synchronization performance test solution for IP Carrier Network equipment.

Test Diagram


Fig 1Time Measurement on Single Device


Fig 2 Frequency Measurement on Single Device


Fig 3 Time Debugging Measurement on IP Carrier Network Devices