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Measurements in Compliance with ITU-T G.812 Recommendations


ITU-T G.812 outlines minimum requirements for timing devices used as node clocks in synchronization networks. It has been taken as reference for the requirements of clock(frequency) synchronization indexes in SSU-T, SSU-L and SASE. 

The measurements in compliance with ITU-T G.812 recommendations include clock accuracy, wander generation, jitter generation, pull-in/hold-in range, input wander tolerance, noise transfer, input jitter tolerance, phase transient response and phase discontinuity.

We provide an integrated test solution in compliance with ITU-T G.812 recommendations. 

Test Diagram
Fig 1 Measurements of Clock Accuracy, Wander Generation, Jitter Generation, Pull-in/Hold-in Range, Input Wander Tolerance, Noise Transfer, Input Jitter Tolerance 

Fig 2 Measurements of Phase Transient Response and Phase Discontinuity