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Secondary Node Clock SSU-T Synchronization Measurement in Frequency Synchronization Network of Power Communication


The secondary node clock in frequency synchronization network of power communication is a comprehensive timing supply system with Rubidium oscillator in buildings, also commonly called BITS. It is consisted of Rubidium oscillator and satellite receiver. It is different from LPR as the number of rubidium oscillators and satellite receivers does not reach double configurations at the same time. The secondary node clocks are mainly implemented in the communication rooms of municipal companies.

We can provide synchronization performance test solutions for secondary clock equipment.

Test Diagram

Fig 1 Clock Accuracy and Jitter Measurements

Fig 2 Pull-in/Hold-in/Pull-out, Wander Generation, Wander Tolerance, Jitter Tolerance and Noise Transfer Measurements

Fig 3 Holdover Measurement

Fig 4 Phase Transient,Phase discontinuity